Choosing the right material is very important.  There are 2 wall mural materials in the market however we supply one more One-Piece Textile Fabric. You can find the differences of the specifications of all these materials below

Wall Mural Materials

1 - Peel and Stick

2 - Traditional (Non-Woven)

3- One-Piece Textile Fabric

Peel and Stick (Self-Adhesive) ------------------------- ✔ Self-adhesive material. (No glue needed) ✔ Is easy to apply, is repositionable, and peels off cleanly with no residue. ✔ Is made from non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. ✔ Comes in panels that line up vertically next to one another ✔ Murals can be applied to any hard, non-porous surface, such

 as walls, doors, and windows. ✔ I do not recommend installing it on uneven, rough, and texture surfaces and NOT for freshly painted walls within 2-3 weeks. ✔ material won't adhere to the textured wall. ✔ Please make sure, that your wall is prepared properly. The wall should be completely smooth and dust-free. ✔ Instructions installing the product will be sent to you after your purchase

Traditional Wallpaper (Non-Woven) -------------------- ✔ wallpaper on a non-woven basis. ✔ For printing, we use environmentally friendly ink. ✔ The image does not fade with time and from the sun. ✔ Make sure that the wall surface is prepared properly. It should be hard, dry, clean, and smooth. ✔ Since it is not self-adhesive you will need glue. Regular wallpaper glue (Nothing Special).

✔  Instructions installing the product will be sent to you after your purchase

One-Piece Textile Fabric